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Business Visas

Business visas, or Entrepreneur visas, are ideal for those wishing  to create jobs and develop the UK economy. These are open to those from outside the EEA .


An Entrepreneur needs to show at least £200k is available for investment, properties and property companies are excluded. They can start up a new business business or takeover an existing one. They need to create at least 2 full time jobs and are eligible for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) after 5 years. However, if your business creates at least 10 jobs and the turnover is £5m or more, then ILR would be possible after 3 years.

This visa also permit 2 partners to set up a team for £200k. Dependent are eligible for entry clearance to join the main applicant(s).

We would encourage potential migrants to visit UK and get a better understanding of the business environment. We blieve you will be pleasantly surprised.

At ACS Visas we can manage your entry clearance and further leave applications ihis category, Your Friend in Migration.




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