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Business Visas

Business visas are ideal for those wishing  to create jobs and develop the UK economy. These are open to those from outside the EEA .

  1. Entrepreneur

This category of having £200k available has been closed from 29 March 2019. Those already on this route will have the opportunity to obtain settlement.

2. Innovator

This is the successor of the Entrepreneur visa and is for experienced entrepreneurs. Although the requirement of funds has decreased to £50k, it does require your business idea to be innovative and scalable.  This is radically different to the Entrepreneur and consequently fewer applications are successful.  A good business plan will be crucial and will be subject to extensive scrutiny by the endorsing body.  The main requirements are:

Initial grant will be 3 years and an extension to 5 years on renewal. Very few applicant swill get ILR at 3 years since progress will be checked against the initial business plan.

3. Start Up Visa

This replace the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) and allows applicants from overseas to apply.  Proposed business idea will still need to be innovative, viable and scalable.

The requirements are:

  • Endorsement, usually a UK university where the individual has studied;
  • Examination of the above criteria of innovation, viability and scalability
  • No funds required since business accelerators and incubators will provide the funding. Think of Dragons Den TV programme and the scrutiny the candidates will be subject to
  • English at B2
  • Do not need to work full time in this business alone
  • Visa is for 2 years and you will be expected to move on to the innovator visa meeting the above criteria

4. Representative of overseas businesses

Commonly referred to as sole representative. This route is for overseas businesses looking to establish a presence in UK. The main requirements are:

The main requirements are that:

  • the UK operation will be a branch with the headquarters and main operations outside the UK;
  • the UK operation must be the same core business as overseas;
  • the migrant will be an employee of the parent company;
  • Not a majority or controlling/significant shareholder of the company;
  • Should have the authority to take decisions, experience and knowledge to establish the UK operation;
  • Cannot work for or represent other businesses;
  • English level is the basic A1.

This route is still generous compared to the ones below. It will come under scrutiny and requirements will be tightened up. We advise qualifying businesses to look into this option.

At ACS Visas we can manage your entry clearance and further leave applications in this category, Your Friend in Migration.

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