Extensions of Leave

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Extensions of Leave

If you are in the UK with limited leave to remain in certain category and you wish to continue to reside here, you must make an application to extend your limited leave before your current leave to remain expires. We can point you in the best possible direction.

Extension of  Leave Applications

Visa extensions can vary depending on the application that an applicant needs to make, and in the case of Work Permit extension such application must be made by the employer, and we give some examples below

Extension of Tier 1 Visas

Applicants who are in the UK under Tier 1 Visas category, must the criteria for further leave to remain, they must be able to show that they meet the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score, which is presently set at above band 6 or that they hold a Bachelors Degree which was taught in the English language, and score 95 points, on a Points Based System.

Extensions for Work Permit Visa

Work Permit visas can be extended for up years, and thereafter such applicants can usually apply for indefinite leave to remain.

Extensions of Dependent Visas.

Spouse and other dependents who have completed their probationary period will qualify to apply for indefinite leave to remain.

An extension is usually sought for example when a spouse has finished his/her probationary period but as yet to meet the IELTS.

Fiancées visas cannot be extended, and the couples involved must marry within the 6 months period.

Extension of Student Visas

Students can usually apply to extend their visas under certain conditions. All students must show that they have the ability to follow the course of their study and financially support themselves throughout the period of the extension.

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